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Saturday article from N.E.O.LEADER


 Victoria Contoret is the N.E.O.LEADER of the project N.E.O.PEOPLE, it's brain and heart!

Briefly about Victoria's background:

  • Author of the concept “Leader is a Talent!” and programs of the search and activation of the Leader
  • Co-author of ICANDO philosophy
  • Co-author of activating and maintaining the brain activity techniques through the online program "ICANDO mode”: / App Store
  • Author of the book "I Can Do: simple and easy way to manage your life”
  • Expert and trainer on Cognitive Fitness, certified coach and motivator
  • Author of the thoughts self-correction techniques "ICANDO Program"
  • Author of positive motivation techniques “TALK Time"
  • Author of "The Effective Business Management Concept”
  • Author of the following seminars: "Master Class: Positive Thinking", "Memory Training", "A day without stress", "Harmony online", "Customized personal development program ICANDO", "Anti-stress week: 7 days in the Seychelles", for women: "Girls gathering to learn from each other"
  • Co-author of the seminar "Memory training or how to become more effective manager"
  • The initiator and organizer of the Activation Human Abilities Movement
  • Sponsor and organizer of the Activation of Human Abilities Day ICANDO CUP in the Czech Republic
  • Founder of the Positive Art Gallery
  • Author of nonfiction publications (
  • Business woman. Start Up Specialist and Crisis manager
  • International expert and adviser of luxury real estate
  • Investment adviser and wealth manager.


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