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The way to creativity is meditation.


It is important to understand that meditation stimulates the process of inner creativity, like any quantum process. The subject of this paper is not the study of meditation, as a phenomenon. But this paper would not develop the topic and be complete without a focus on meditation, as part of the inner creative process itself.

I do not mean any particular type of meditation, I rather want to convey the following to the reader:

# regardless of the duration and type of meditative technique, it always helps to increase awareness, and therefore leads to creativity

# regular meditations increase the level and quality of inner creativity

# over time, the practice of meditation becomes not just an auxiliary tool of creativity, but also a part of the creative process.


​​​​​​​The Key is Do-Be-Do-Be-Do


The key to the quantum inner creativity is the balance of internal and external states, which Dr. Amit Goswami proposes to perceive through the algorithm Do Be Do Be Do Be. Despite the apparent simplicity and humorous form of the algorithm, its functionality and efficiency have been tested by many experiments from the life itself.

The art of alternating action and inaction is the basis and engine of the creative process at the same time. Art is not to learn how to work or relax. The secret of success lays within the very balancing and alternation of these components. It is also interesting that in order to find this balance quantum creativity is needed. That’s what confers the motivating element the formula of Dr. Goswami. An excellent and simple formula that works!



​​​​​​​How I do apply the creative process to solve conflicts.


The best example of inner creativity in life is when creativity comes to the rescue in solving practical life situations. For example, when it comes to conflict. The conflict with my daughter became tangible as soon as her puberty began. The solution to this conflict, which we successfully came to after 15 years, confirms that both of us live in a stream of quantum creativity. The time that we took to straighten the situation is directly associated with our mutual desire not to give up and not to back down. In every peak situation, we both turned to the love, which connects us and we stubbornly did not agree to compromises in setting up our relationship. By the method of trial and error, applying the formula of DoBeDoBeDo, we created lots of innovative creative forms of mutual communication. We tried and rejected different patterns of behavior, but did not cease to be asserted in how much do we love each other.

The process of quantum creativity in the solution of “fathers and children” conflict situation leads to a guaranteed successful result since the process itself leads to a deeper and deeper opening of the heart. This, in turn, leads to the submission of ego and the communication of hearts in a non-local space where quantum creativity lives. Where there is essentially no place for conflicts.



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