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"Self-observation is a way

of knowing the outside world".

Victoria Contoret.


The topic of quantum neuroscience lays on the borderline of such disciplines as applied physics, explaining the existence of our body in the material world, and quantum physics, where our body and the principles of its existence are viewed at the level of quantum subjects.

Self-knowledge is the main task of a person at all levels of life. This phrase is true, both in its spiritual understanding, and at the level of knowledge and understanding of the model and principles of work of our physical body. The mutual sharing of this knowledge brings us closer to the goal - self-awareness.


Over the past couple of decades, many ways the arsenal of scientists has been enriched by multiple methods that enable them to observe the microworld and control individual quantum objects with unprecedented accuracy. United under the recognized concept of “nanotechnology”, these tools laid the foundation for the second quantum revolution that is taking place right now in front of our eyes.

To understand the relevance of quantum technologies in a wider context, it is enough to recall that the dimensions of the individual elements of modern processors (transistors) are about ten nanometers, which closely used them to atomic scales. Of course, quantum effects are starting to play a significant role here. Another example are optical chips, where electrons as information carriers are replaced by individual photons (light quantum), which allows you to perform computing operations ten times faster! And such chips have already been demonstrated by IBM.

And think about the fiber, applying of which enables you to download gigabytes of movies, music and games sitting at home just in seconds. The thing is that information on the fiber is also transmitted by light pulses — clusters of several million photons. But the most interesting thing begins when these impulses are weakened to such an extent that only a couple of photons remain within them. It turns out that on the basis of such quantum signals, you can create secure communication lines, reliability and resistance to cracking of which are provided by the laws of nature! This approach is called quantum cryptography and has already been successfully used by various financial organizations around the world.

Humanity has progressed significantly in recent years. A conscious need was born to look at oneself from another perspective, to understand how the main control center, the brain, works.


The sciences that study the work of the brain have been trampled down for almost 200 years. The reason for the “lack of knowledge” about the brain was the wrong approach to studying it in principle. By science the brain was perceived as a material object, and this led research into a dead end. Awareness of the quantum nature of the brain was a breakthrough moment in discovery. Many observations that did not make sense before had turned into matching puzzles and formed an integral picture.

The basis of this picture is the understanding that the brain, as an organ of the physical body, operates with non-physical principles and is controlled and governed by quantum processes. The discovery and cognition of these processes is not possible to be attained by the method of mechanical experiments, but rather only by observing the vital nature of the brain. Chinese traditional medicine calls it Qi and has several millennia of observation in its arsenal.

The key to understanding the quantum nature of the brain is the reality that the brain controls and organizes not just our thoughts, but also our senses. Objects of feelings are always quantum.

This leads to the understanding that some vital liturgical fields can be correlated with others. So, the arguments confirming the quantum nature of the brain, is based on this foundation.




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