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Before moving further, with the danger of misunderstanding, let's honestly and clearly examine the issue of what is spiritual development.


So, we are spiritual entities living in the physical bodies in the dual dimension. Our life is composed of two parts: external and inner, material and spiritual. These parts aspire for balance. We feel the balance as a state of happiness, peace, and well-being. Everything seems to be clear at the moment because it is very simple.


Let´s go ahead. Each of life´s parts has its embodiment. The Brain acts for the material component. It has its own team with two top managers: Intellect and Memory. The team uses a very efficient tool - Logic. The team is well-coordinated, precise and able to argue the pros and cons, based on the set of files that Memory contains. Over the past 2000 years (such as the rough coverage of reliable knowledge regarding human history), the Brain team has advanced impressively and is just a few heads ahead of the team of the Spiritual Part.


The spiritual component of our life is embodied by the Heart. Here are a completely different approach and team. The Heart is the entrance door to the inner world, where control centers and instruments of the inner world live: love, intuition, quantum creativity. Through the opening of one´s Heart, one enters his inner world; and such spiritual tools and categories as openness, truthfulness, mercy, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness become available to him.


Spiritual tools are more powerful than physical ones, but only those who enter the door of their hearts can find out about them, understand how they are used, and use them to balance both parts.


How? Here are 3 simple steps:


1. Grasp the meaning of this text

2. Take the decision to find your tools

3. Meditate


The Brain is always active - and its team, creating inner and external noise, also actively leads you away from the door to your Heart.


The Heart resides in silence. This is its habitat. Therefore, be vigilant at the point when information about self-development and spiritual transformation comes to you. If the information comes with tambourines, shouts, and calls, watch out and be careful: either these are shamanic practices (we will talk about them separately) or it is the Brain that wrapped his intellectual products in a beautiful wrapper, posing them to you as spiritual products.




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