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Over the past two thousand years, humanity has successfully advanced in the direction opposite to itself. The human perceives light through its external manifestations and has completely forgotten how to listen to the world through inner sensations. This has gone that far that in the 21st century the ability to listen to oneself is considered an exotic skill, and “learning to listen to oneself”, “understand oneself”, “observe oneself” became a fashionable trend. We just don’t know how to do it. We are spiritual entities living in the material world, who have forgotten that fact!


Getting away from oneself is an amazing sport that has brought to our life an amazingly developed entertainment industry, an infrastructure of pleasures and persistent dictation for the brain. A typical example of such a getaway is the concept of "artificial intelligence". What is the point to develop an artificial intelligence, if we have our own natural one? The reason is simple: the underestimation of our natural capacities, non-belief in ourselves, in our capabilities and laziness.


It is this non-belief, low self-esteem, global getaway from the spiritual “self” that leads the issue of artificial intelligence to such popularity on the whole planet. Who mainly deals with this topic? Developed, intellectually advanced minds. There are no fools and ignorant people in the subject, as there are no poor ones. The issue requires huge financial investments. No doubt it requires much more investments than contemplation of oneself in a state of meditation. Therefore, the trend of artificial intelligence is an excellent example of humanity’s detachment from its inner spiritual light. Artificial intelligence “rules”, huge amounts of money are invested in it, and its development absorbs the best minds. This issue is an angular stone that has even divided humanity into 2 camps: those who are “for” and those who are “against” it. It is interesting to observe it.


Mind games are endlessly diverse and their cleverness has no limits. Along with the trend of artificial intelligence, the new millennium brought another artificial trend - “artificial spirituality”.


It all started with the fact that Spirituality has become fashionable. It has become a buzzword and, therefore, today these are only “losers” who are out of the loop of spirituality issue.


The intellectually advanced brain picked up the trend and began to cover it with its own wrapper. The brain started to create the industry and tested the target audience. It was big and hungry. The technique is simple: as someone who is far from “hearing” his inner nature and is far from even wanting to hear it, he easily gets into a trend called “I’m spiritual”. Today it is very simple, through the industry of artificially spiritual studies:



  1. Reading books on "spiritual" and topics and topics of personal development. Of course, it is not bad, but it leads to spirituality extremely slowly. This has been recently discussed by those who have been reading for over 20 years, but have not yet become “enlightened” so far!
  2. Yoga classes "on Tuesdays and Fridays." The concept of "yoga" has completely lost its original meaning. In the life of modern person, yoga has become a physical culture and an occasion to meet. But it stopped to mean what, in principle, it means in Sanskrit: “devotion to spiritual transformation”. Every contemporary person has yoga classes in his schedule. This is very trendy, but not completely in the direction of spiritual transformation.
  3. Healthy Lifestyle. There is a whole industry of events, methods, techniques, products, recipes, and all of it is 95% unnecessary rubbish that corrupts the brains as thoroughly as any other informational garbage. Nutrition is very important for spiritual development, but concentrating on it in the detriment of spiritual development itself is definitely not healthy.


So, there is an evident trend of artificial spirituality in parallel with the trend of artificial intelligence.


What gives me the right to talk about it? The life experience where I ask a “fashionable spiritual” question about the main tool of “self-knowledge”: how often do you meditate? The most popular answer, winning on the run for artificial spirituality: "I'm going to do it, I just have to start."

Nothing brings me closer to myself as simple meditation. Neither the books read, nor the courses attended, nor a trendy healthy lifestyle, nor yoga on Tuesdays and Fridays. All this helps us to run away from ourselves. And contemplation of oneself in silence helps one to move towards oneself. This is meditation.


I must add that I bring my sincere apologizes to anyone who actually reads books, attends courses, “eats” according to the healthy lifestyle trend and attends yoga 2 times a week. And along with all this, he meditates, contemplates, does spiritual practices, and brings his thought into a state of peace "here and now." This is how I live myself, so the fashion trends of artificial spirituality, which, in fact, help the development of intelligence, do not need to be rejected. But let's not forget to meditate!


Prague, March, 2019



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