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We are Spiritual Beings living in the Physical World. Full stop. This is the alpha and omega of everything, the key to understanding our life, the core of our foundation and its balancing principle.


Our understanding of this simple statement turns out to be a significant impact on our lives and sets the base for them. It affects our mental and physical health, the sense of happiness and harmony, our relationship with ourselves and with the world outside. Inherently, this phrase sounds simple and clear, but the zest is not in itself, but rather in its understanding, attention to it and, finally, in the awareness of its meaning.


Anyone can grasp the meaning of such a simple statement composed of seven words of a different length and a comma between them. It is perhaps as simple as the biblical saying: "Everyone is invited, but not everyone shall enter"... and still what is it that prevents everyone from entering? What holds them back on their paths? In order to understand this, you can study Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and a couple of other philosophical doctrines and faiths – and it can happen that you will never have it clear! Alternatively, you may avoid wasting your time studying and simply opt to REALIZE this statement, and the world within and around you will undergo a radical change in this tiny fraction of the time, that you would have spent to reach this AWARENESS.


This is the Power of Awareness. We are Spiritual Beings living in the Physical World. However, recognition of our spirituality takes each of us a good couple of years. Indeed, it is much easier to understand anything that has to do with the physical world. Every day we use all five organs of perception attributed to our physical bodies and therefore, we are able to recognize and comprehend the physical density of the world we are living in.


For many centuries the powers have been rather unequal. The physical world and its five senses have been actively asserting themselves onto people’s minds. However, spirituality itself had in the arsenal only one feeling – the sixth. In other words, 5 against 1. As a result, the war between these two worlds was carried out applying uneven powers and the losses were great. And therefore by the beginning of the 21st century the volumes of “armies” available were also dramatically different. Many waited, some still believed, and a few managed to have preserved the qualities of a spiritual essence and faithfully served their higher purposes. The same as the day follows the night, so is the era of Material Domination now being replaced by the Spiritual Dawn. In fact, nothing written above constitutes the author's own statements: it has been long since all of the fore-mentioned has been acknowledged by every global religion, faith or philosophical doctrine. Just the same is written in the Bible, the Qur'an, the Vedas and the Torah. And even if we refuse to believe anything, it is enough to look into ourselves and honestly admit: "Yes, something in the World has recently changed!"


But what is it that has changed, in fact? It is our ability to grasp and most importantly, to realize the first half of the statement: "We are Spiritual Beings living in the Physical World". This very realization is embedded within us as a complex, multifaceted, multi-layered and n-dimensional feature. No language existing on our planet is capable to describe this complexity. And it is absolutely understandable: all those centuries of the predominance of the material over the spiritual have brushed up our language down to monosyllabic linear words and phrases, yet even having read and understood them does not necessarily mean that we have genuinely understood and realized their meaning.


Infinite in its harmony and patience, the Universe is here for us and every day and every moment it gives each and every one of us an opportunity to REALIZE that we are Spiritual Beings. Fortunately, these opportunities do not occur in a mystical or abstruse way – rather the Universe (also known as God, the Upper force, the Almighty, the Allah, etc.), sends individually customized simple and comprehensive "homework tasks" for each of us.


As an example, today thousands of brides globally are getting married. Those of them who follow their love must have done their "homework" with flying colors. Others are different, but their scores are certainly lower.


Today thousands of young people globally make a decision about their future profession. Anyone who has opted to follow his/her Talent will realize or has already realised the zest, i.e. the fact that we are Spiritual Beings! Yet those who have decided to work exclusively on the basis of material rewards are most likely still confused about the content of this article.


Millions of people on Earth voluntarily help others every day. The Holy Scripture talks about such people as "everyone is invited, but not everyone shall enter." Rest assured that exactly these people shall enter.


If deep inside you feel that what is written in this article is not too clear or evokes discord in your beliefs, we sincerely thank you for taking your time to read it all the way down here! For those who feel the “resonation” with this topic, the universe bears its own special plans for you and me, for all of us.


In the nearest future (I do not dare to make forecasts in specific time slots) significant and bright changes await, and the Universe shall supply us with sufficient Power and Talent to witness as well as to create them!


We are N.E.O.PEOPLE. The People who understand the meaning of the statement "We are Spiritual Beings living in the Physical World". Some of us have just "woken up" to these concepts, some are still at the very beginning of their personal transformation, some are already advanced experts who apply of the tool called "Awareness".


One is for sure: all of us, the N.E.O.PEOPLE steer in the same direction, while our path shall be bright and joyful!


Here I mean a path that is balanced and harmonious: the Spiritual path in its Physical manifestation. It manifests itself through us, the N.E.O.PEOPLE, through our website, in the form of the international N.E.O. Movement, in various forms of conscious creation and awareness. This path will also manifest itself in N.E.O. CoWorking, CoSharing, CoLiving and so on. This path is the life in itself, but it will be the life on new frequencies and levels of awareness of ourselves and in realization that we are Spiritual Beings living in the Physical World.


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