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Are intellectual products bad? Not at all! They are important, necessary and even needed! But now we are talking about balance. We already have so many products for the development of the intellect, for training the memory and activating the brain, that we started playing with them like little children. This led to the fact that our civilization is seriously advanced technologically and technically, but it is unhappy inside. This is an imbalance of matter and spirit within man!


Having entered a new millennium, the Heart is increasingly active in urging us to take action: human being, open your heart, take it and use everything that you find there for your own good and happiness. People came along and joined in: spiritual development has become a trend! But let's not forget that the Brain is not going to give up and surrender. It creates more and more new products, wraps them in attractive wrappers and invites us to buy all of it as spiritual practices. Well done! Apart from praise, there is nothing else to say! But it is important to be careful when we take the spiritual path. At this point, you need to look not with your brain, but with your heart.


The easiest way to look with your Heart is through meditation. Neither a punctual one nor forced, because the brain will start to boil or fashionable, because everyone is meditating now. Meditation should rather happen through daily, quiet, regular practice. Through the skill of being alone with yourself, turn off the brain, thanking it in advance for its work. Meditation through which true trust in it power enters our lives. Only in this way do we take the path of spiritual development. And only from this path we can see parallel paths that are leading to the development of the intellect but are not bringing us closer to the growth of awareness and the ascent by the Pyramid of spiritual maturity.


Prague, April 2019


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