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Pyramid of Awareness is, how our Floor affects our Awareness and how the Pyramid is inevitably present in our lives.

Imagine yourself walking along the main street of your city. It is raining. Still, it is warm and you are light hearted. You are walking along the broad sidewalk and the beautiful tall buildings ...



Suddenly you notice a LOT OF EXCREMENTS just on your way. You notice it all of a sudden! Who has done this? How could this possibly have happened? ... Was it a horse, or what? Does not look like it! Maybe dogs? And the smell is terrible! The streams of rain spread the excrements on the sidewalk ... Why hasn’t anybody removed it? We'll have to get around! What a situation! ...

... The pile made you get distracted from your thoughts, cover your nose from the terrible smell, find workarounds, change the trajectory of your movement, leave your usual rhythm of life, thoughts and mood. The pile has completely and objectively influenced your life. As if a popular saying "Shit happens" was working in practice.

At the same time, another person looked out of the window of the 2nd floor of his house, situated by the side of the wet and dirty sidewalk. He noticed how something small there makes walking people change their trajectory. Having taken a closer look, the Man realized that it was a pile that was big enough, he got slightly surprised by this, still he didn’t feel any smell from the height of the 2nd floor and so he continued to do his usual activities and soon forgot about what he had just seen.

At the same time, the other person opened the blinds in his basement office. Through the small window he could see only the sidewalk and the legs of the passers-by. This window serves the Man and as a source of light, and fresh air, and an emotional retreat in his gray working days in a semi-basement ... The pile is right in front of the Man’s eyes! He immediately closed the window and the curtain as well. No more light, no more air, no more joy from the walking passers-by ... Man’s life has completely changed under the influence of the pile - he has to drop everything, cancel all his plans and deal only with one thing: clean up the pile!

At the same time, another Man looked out of the 10th floor window for a second. Glancing at the pavement far below, he did not notice anything. He has no chance to see the pile, to smell it, to be surprised of the people around it, which means that the pile cannot influence him in any way and has not affected him. For a person from the 10th floor the pile simply does not exist!

But the view from the window, nevertheless, had its effect: a man saw the horizon, rushing rain clouds and the sun breaking through from behind the clouds ... The Man’s soul became cheerful: good changes are taking place!

The moral of this fable: if you came across a pile on your way, take the elevator and go up to the 10th floor, where small excrements are not visible, but you can look beyond the horizon!





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