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A. Meditation is a journey inward to rediscover yourself. To meditate means to devote some time to calm reflection in silence, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At this time we are able to concentrate on the main thing.



B. Meditation is a state outside of everyday consciousness. This is from such moments that the filling of spiritual powers begins. Spiritual awareness empowers us to make a choice in favor of positive thinking instead of negative and useless one. We start to come up with solutions to situations rather than just reacting to them. We start having a balanced life; we create better, happier and healthy relationships; we change our life by making it more positive.



C. Life is overloaded with different activities and commitments. Where can the space for meditation be found? That´s the beauty of meditation: you can practice it whenever. All the world is at your disposal. Whether you are laying at the sunny beach or standing in the queue in the supermarket; on serene bank of the river or a dentist´s waiting room; sitting on the bench of the city park or somewhere on the lawn. Whatever place is good to get immersed in quietness and stability.



D. Daily charging of our energy with the help of meditation – is taking care of oneself. Meditation connects us to the source of light. So, the choice of whether to practice it or not is up to us. To start the process, think: “I am the light”.

You can respond: “not now” to all the thoughts that appear during meditation. I meditate at the source of light inside of me. (Daaji, HeartFullness)



E. Meditation is the way of leading your mind to peace and let it work its creative ways. It is useful for physical and emotional wellbeing (Daaji, heartFulness).


Practicing meditation gives such effects as:

• Being able to become the master of one’s thoughts and feelings

• Applying into practice the art of reflection about oneself getting inspiration for personal growth

• Feeling the natural positive mindset

• Opportunity to end up with energy-consuming inner dialogue

• Development of sustainable positive attitude towards life.


F. Meditation is not just a joyless exercise; it also has its spiritual aspect. The aim of meditation is to grow a connection with the Heart. The connection with heart enables the transmission of life energy (Daaji. HeartFullness). This connection lays on the basis of inner balance, called Happiness by people. Its meaning in life is that huge, that I don´t know anybody who wouldn´t want it for himself!



It doesn´t matter what we feel during meditation, it is important what we feel after! (Daaji, HeartFullness)





Meditation goes in hand with Relaxation. To be meditatively active in worldly everyday life means to bring your life to the balance state of concentration and relaxation at the same point. It enables the absence of stress on the high speed and efficient life processes. It is like flying.


Meditation is a skill. Regularity is a key to mastering the skill (Daaji. HeartFullness). Science offers many methods of getting skills and useful habits consciously. Number 21 lays in the heart of every method. That´s the exact number of regular repetitions of an action that leads to attaining a skill. Write down to your agenda. “Meditate for 15 minutes, repeat 21 days”. Choose the time that will be comfortable for you. It should be constant, not flexible.



Get along with the habit of meditation for 21 days. The result is guaranteed. We are preparing a new N.E.O. marathon for you. It will give you the key to the skill of meditation.



Prague, 19.02.2019





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