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How Quantum Activism affected my life

My familiarization with the movement of Quantum Activists in the person of its leader, Dr. Amit Goswami, became a velvet revolution of my life. The world of awareness and mutual trust brought me a new awareness and a place of meditations in my daily routine. I am grateful to Dr. Valentina Onizor for introducing me into the world of an open heart and finding a balance point within myself.

The experience of meditation, which brought me to the community of quantum activists, I can definitely describe it as a quantum leap in my mind.


Practice of my meditations within the last 10 months:

1.    Personalmeditation in combination with the practice of yoga or qigong.

2.    HeartFullness Group meditations - 1 time per week on Sundays.

3.    Group meditations online - Quantum Activism 1 time per week.

4.    Individual group meditations, which I lead in groups for 2-3 people from among my friends, colleagues or family members.


In 2019 these meditation practices will be enriched by two more:

1. Group meditations of N.E.O.PEOPLE in Prague once a week.

2. Online meditations of N.E.O.PEOPLE.


Briefly from my meditation experience:

1.    Describe your meditative journey, week by week.


I keep a diary of meditations, but I write there a little and irregularly. These is rather a diary of records, new meditation techniques, that are the most memorable, than my experiences.


2.    What ideas have you received, if any?

Using different techniques of meditation, I gain experience both in quiet contemplation and in getting ideas or insights. Both are important and priceless to me. For many years, without even realizing it, I receive information using the method of quantum creativity, which is a form of direct creation of new life forms. This is the way of the emergence of new ideas previously unknown to people, new methods, attitudes, techniques, methods. For me, receiving and conducting information through quantum creativity is one of the ways to meditate without immersion in stillness and emptiness. This is a conscious “awake” state of active presence and contemplation at the same time.


3.    Has any practice that you use become a favorite habit that you are always waiting for with anticipation?

Not every practice that I experienced, caught on with me. Rather, each practice has undergone my own unique interpretation. Meditation should make you happy: from the thought of it, to the content of the process. Therefore, my meditative techniques, based on classical rules and recommendations, have an original solution.


4.    Has your mind slowed down?

After meditation, we always feel the effect – calming of a “restless mind.” One of the good reasons why I recommend to meditate 2 times a day.


5.    Do you know about the movement of vital energies in your body, especially in the chakras?

In the first relaxing phase of meditation, I contemplate the state of my chakras.


6.    Would you say that you are aware of yourself in the navel and / or in the heart?

In heart.


7.    Have you had any experiences of life energy moving upward from your sexual chakra?

Yes, there were, but once and long time ago.





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