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Only when we stop perceive consciousness apart from the everyday life process, it becomes our helper and guide in life.


We need to make these steps in order to approach the symbiosis of our spiritual side with the everyday routine one:


Step one: agree with the fact that THE SPIRIT CREATES MATTER.


Step two: understand that THE SPIRIT CREATES MATTER through 1) insights, 2) thoughts, 3) intentions, 4) actions.


Step three: comprehend that these insights, thoughts, intentions and actions are the everyday life of EACH OF US!


These are not intentions of strangers, neither they are magical insights. That’s how we live, you and me and each of us. For we cannot live in a different way! The life is a manifestation of the divine intent, from the flashes of consciousness in our heads, to the plan of actions on the page of a diary. Everything that can be touched comes to our lives by this road. In the quantum physics it is called a creative process and is determined by 4 stages:


  • Preparation,
  • Incubation,
  • Insight,
  • Manifestation.

For the creative process to be successful (for it to bring us joy, health, money, well-being and other worldly goods), only one condition is required: THE CREATIVE PROCESS SHOULD BE CONSCIOUS!


When creative process is conscious, it is important to take care of each of its 4 stages to have enough energy for manifestation. I mean that our desire, persistence and faith are enough. Is it difficult to supply necessary and sufficient quantity of energy for each of the stages? My answer is: YES. And at the same time: NO. Here we should apply the principle of dividing the complex task to elementary components. The elementary task is solved elementary. That’s why the global question of energy supply for all the 4 stages of the creative process is a task of increased complexity.


I suggest a step-by-step algorithm of elementary actions, with the help of which the task is solved by fits and starts.


  1. Do not create any tension, neither in your head nor in life, when it comes to the phase of Preparation: the Universe is choosing the best variant for you. Practice sport, learn something new, go for self-education, take care of yourself and the people who surround you, but do not just lay on the sofa and suffer!
  2. Listen to yourself carefully, day to day. Do not complain, get sad or talk excessively. Do not kill your time – it is your friend, if you do not think the opposite way. Love yourself and be respectfully patient towards yourself.
  3. Write down your insights. You can keep a diary, but you also can keep a track of your insights on the separate sheets. I love the Dictaphone! Having recorded your thoughts, sleep with your insight and think of it tomorrow. If it is IT, then the feeling I KNOW IT FOR SURE will come.
  4. Don't rush to take inefficient actions. Estimate your potential and possibilities, examine your resources. Examine your resources once again and look for the new ones. Act beautifully, as if you were dancing. The rhythm and style of your dance can be different, but the result is always the same: you look at it and your soul revives.

Basically, if you have reached this passage and did not get scared of the term “quantum physics”, it means that it is absolutely not difficult for you to supply with energy all the creative phases of your life. I wish you success!

Prague, 27.9.2018


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