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We often meet people who say: "Life is a complicated thing!" And many others keep saying: "Life is such a simple thing!". Why is that so? How does complexity and simplicity of life correlate with each of us? On the one hand, the question is difficult, but on the other – very simple. I'll try to answer it in 3 leaps.



The first leap. It is important to understand that when we say "more is less" or "complicated is simple," then it necessarily implies comparison, a relationship with something. All these concepts are relative. In relation to what can we say that life is simple or complicated? In relation to our inner feelings about it. For clarity, I'll take an example from quantum physics. As it accords to quantum physics and my beliefs, our reality is not a rigid limited world, but rather a space of possibilities. The complexity and simplicity of life, therefore, is just the ability to perceive a certain number of possibilities in one unit of time. It's hard, so it's time to make the second jump.



The second leap. What do I mean? Think that it's like looking out of a skyscraper window: what do we see from the basement? And what will we be able to see from the 30th floor? The opening opportunities vary greatly! The higher, the wider the field of visible possibilities. And let's see it from the height of the Pyramid! The spirit captures! Now it will become clear where I'm going.



Imagine the Pyramid. Not the Cheops one, but the Pyramid of our awareness, our attentiveness. Relying on the scientifically proven fact that all people are unique and special, let's call it the Pyramid of Natural Uniqueness. This is a hierarchical model of the inner world of man. The Pyramid has 12 floors and it is actually a visualization of the way of spiritual transformation of each of us. At its base, the Pyramid is dark. The top of the Pyramid is bright. We are talking about the inner light, the light of Awareness. The darker, the fewer opportunities we see around us as if we were looking from the basement. The higher is the Floor, the closer we are to the light, which means we see better, and we the corresponding potential possibilities are opening. I go to the third jump, we have just been warming up at the two first ones.



The third leap. We jump into the dark room. Look at it with your inner vision and enter inside. There is no light at all. It is quiet. Suddenly, you start to hear different sounds from all the four directions of the darkness. From one of the corners, you hear the cry of a night bird in the forest, from the other corner – the roar of an animal, from the third – the noise of a big water, from the fourth – the howling of the wind. In total darkness, you do not understand whether these are only sounds, or it's a real threat that will overtake you in a few seconds. Here comes the fear. It fetters. It is not clear what are these threatening, scaring things, surrendering you from all sides.



This is how one feels on the First Floor of the Pyramid of Natural Uniqueness. The world around him seems to be hostile. This person is in the darkness not because the light does not reach so low, but rather because the light we are talking about when introducing the Pyramid is the Light of Awareness. He sees it with his heart, not with his eyes. People from the Lower Floors rely on the five basic senses of the physical body, so they are in the darkness even under the lantern of awareness. Such a person feels lonely always and everywhere. He feels that danger can come from every point around him, so he is focused on his self-defense and protection. He does not see himself to get involved in anything, he just does not see the possibilities.




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