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... That's all! Nothing complicated, but it's perfectly clear that Quantum Consciousness is what happens to many of us. It has been happening personally to me within the last 30 years. This consciousness led me to the achievement of many goals. The setting of these goals relying exclusively on the logic of the brain would have been scary. But the goals themselves came to me. Having reached them, every time I was realizing that there was no miracle in it: I was moving forward to my Illumination! Quantum physics suggests that the existence of Quantum Consciousness for us who live in the 21st century is already guaranteed by the very period of cosmic history into which our planet has entered. I agree with the Professor. Indeed, I see around myself the objective activation of the topic of Internal Illumination, the search for the Inner Potential and finding it by the method of Illumination. People seek and develop their talents which suddenly come to their minds. People follow these talents and their life miraculously unfolds for the better. All this is obvious, although it seems incredible. Quantum physics is an easily comprehensible science for those who want to understand themselves. But, most importantly, for those who do not want to "dig" in themselves, who would rather be happy here and now today!


The best example of what I'm talking about is an old joke about a Jew who did not escape during a flood, rejecting all the salvage proposals: a boat, a fire truck, and a helicopter. But when he appeared before God and asked him: "Why did not you save me, God?", God answered him: "Moischa, I sent you the help three times, but you did not take it!".


The task of each of us for today is to find an understandable way of perceiving these very features that are sent to us in order to help us understand ourselves, in the universe, in our lives and be happy every day. Quantum physics is one of the ways. Trust in the inner voice - this is the Quantum Mind. Nothing else is required of us, for it is enough that we realize this simple truth.


Hence the understanding of the ways of Quantum Consciousness, despite its frightening name, is easy, it is manifested in our lives in a simple manner. It is important to understand that following your quantum consciousness is not only not difficult, but also useful!


All you need is to be observant about yourself:


Do not classify Internal Illumination and unexpectedly coming ideas as "important" and "unimportant". It is better to treat respectfully any quantum thought that has come.


The thought did not come to be rejected; do not allow the brain to block it for its illogical and irrational nature. Sleep with the thought and see whether it will knock again.


Cause Illumination consciously. Falling asleep or waking up, thank the quantum "I", asking for answers to certain questions, sending ideas, giving signs through which new solutions can be found.



These rules are simple but they work. Much has been written about them, but, basically, all of it was written in the style of "amateur art", in the style of NLP mournful, screaming euphoria and feigned ease of being. There is no terrible ease here, just as there is no gravity. What Einstein also said once about his spiritual work was: "Here's not free lunch".


Lectures of Professor Gosvami, which I listened to and will listen for a whole academic year, have already led me to an amazing insight: it's easy to be happy when life is clear. Everything that happens within me has order, regularities, meaning. And this is not just a particular local meaning. This is a universal law, verified by millennia, applicable at the same time directly to me, to my life, to my work, to my children and grandchildren, to my friends. The feeling that I heard some very old song, which sounds in a new remix does not leave me. But it was this remix, despite the fact that the words are old, that gave me the opportunity to hear and understand these words. I will be happy to continue studying quantum physics and, with the same pleasure, I will share my knowledge with you in my articles and posts on social networks.


The moral of everything that we have been talking about is very simple: everything has been thought out for a long time, invented, created and proposed to us so that we can enjoy it with pleasure. Do not reinvent the wheel, read the instruction for its operation in a language you understand and ride this bicycle as far and as joyfully as you can imagine!


Delhi, India, September 2018



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