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In the conditions of evident polytalency of a modern human (see the article Polytalency) a reasonable question occurs: how to choose a vocation relevant to your talent if there are several? How to become a Talented Person?


In theory the answer is simple but there are several nuances on a practical level.


Theoretically it is necessary to determine the most important Talent from all you have and follow it (see the article Talent Power).


Practically we choose our vocation under the influence of the society we live in. If a person was born in musicians’ family, there is a great chance that he will choose the same or similar way.


Is this good or bad? It's good if Talent does exist, and it's a failure when it's not. And it can be especially bad when it comes to such professions as a doctor or a teacher. Here arises a negative influence of society, which leads to its rethinking and aggression, that isб unfortunate are those who do not pursue a vocation of their Talent, and those who face the direct consequences of this fact.


Time is the other significant detail to consider here. If a person has several Talents and being affected by the society has to choose a career in accordance with one of them then Simple Talent Formula shall work. (see the article Talent Power).


The person is happy, satisfied, enjoying and generally feels comfortable within a part of his life journey. This period may be either short or long depending on a variety of circumstances. But the inner dissatisfaction which appeared at some point is constantly growing inside of him.


It means that Talent he has chosen when he was young is not the major one and that we are lucky to develop two or more Talents per one life!


Taking into account low awareness of the society in the field of ‘Talent’, it practically becomes an essential detail on the way to happiness.


Man tries to express himself in a logical way stressing that one should not “change horses in the middle of the stream” and that it is unreasonable to leave the ‘comfort zone’….


Nevertheless the situation ultimately worsens because it is impossible to calm one’s inner dissatisfaction through logic. As these depressions occur, the comfort zone collapses and as a consequence, diseases might appear.


Most often the person is at the “middle level of Perception” (see the article Perception Pyramid).


Finally a person finds a positive decision and changes his professional occupation, in some cases several times in his life.


It is more difficult for those who are not capable to come to this point with intention (they are at the “bottom level of Perception”) and dragging themselves through their harsh existence. They find compensation in all available means: TV, alcohol, drugs…


The choice of vocation should closely be related to the pursuit of talent. In this process Talented Tutors, Talented Teachers and wise mentors play a key role.


The vocational guidance system may and is to be a well-structured clean game. This kind of system does not exist in reality because people are used to choose vocation focusing on financial well-being. That is why there is an army of people who are dissatisfied with their lives; they seek and find oblivion in human vices. And this is a common tendency for all states, continents, and social classes.



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