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It has been two years by now since I have been writing about how to change a life. My book on this matter became a bestseller. And finally, I thought: "How much can you keep developing? For how long can you continue motivating to action? It's high time to let people slowly degenerate! ". After all, there is a huge number of advantages in inertion. Check out the 13 most powerful reasons for NOT changing your life.


It is absolutely safe!

There are three systems embedded in our skull. The most ancient one is called the "reptilian brain". It is responsible for the safety and does not quite like when we start doing something new. The reptilian brain faces every exit from the comfort zone with a strong resistance, for it estimates the unexplored area as the one that potentially brings danger! So if you do not do anything new, you will greatly please the reptilian brain and be safe in general.


You will not be criticized

It was Aristotle who said a wonderful thing: "The criticism can be easily avoided if you do not say anything, do nothing and be nothing." If you go for the way where nothing in your life changes and keep tiptoeing on eggshells, then no one will be able to criticize you.


You will be able to dismiss the rule of 10 000 hours

The rule is actually very simple: if you want to achieve a prominent success in any scope or to become a genius, you need to spend 10 000 hours for it. Literally speaking, we are talking about 10 000 hours, Carl! If you do not want to change your life, then, consider that you have freed up as much as 10 000 hours! And even more. No pressure. No ingenuity.


You will keep your friends

We all know that changes in life entail a change of entourage. We outgrow our old friends, as we outgrow our old children´s clothing. We have to split up with continuously complaining Galka, drinking Volodka, forever irresponsible Ilukha and other nice fellas. Here is good news: Volodya, Galya, and Ilyusha will still stay by your side under the condition if you do not change!


Folks will not envy you

I saw a study, where they claim that 18% of people never talk about what is going on in their lives because they are afraid of envy. Now, you are afraid of envy? If that is the case, here is one more reason to be sluggish: if nothing happens in your life, nobody will envy you.


You can watch TV shows and hang in social networks

Most likely, you will have time to hang in different social platforms like "Vkontakte" and "Facebook" repost stuff on your page. You will also be able to watch your favorite TV shows in peace and tranquility. Actually, your life will be a continuous "relax."




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