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The Internet proliferates with tips on how to set goals correctly. If you analyze the recommendations, all of them are mostly reduced to visualization, affirmations and motivation techniques. It seems like they have forgotten to mention that the goal should be generative.


The generative goal is one that is aimed at creation and development. It can be either a material object or something intangible. Exactly because we aspire for the intangible, most of us tend to give up while aspiring to our dreams. It is our mindset that does not allow us to aspire for an abstraction. How can it be changed? Just think of what can be a tangible expression of your dream. In fact, all you need is to determine whether your goal is generative. It is simple enough. While doing that, listen to yourself and to your body! How do you feel about your goal? What sensations does your goal produce in your body?


If you think about your goal and you become stressed or anxious or experience any kind of inner discomfort – your goal is probably degenerative and goes against your core essence. Your body does not lie. It intuitively feels the wrong way or bad decision. What normally happens with the contemporary and so-called civilized human being is that his physicality has become a taboo. Being physical is not “comme il fault” in the society we live in. We have been restricting physical manifestations of our being for a long time, forgetting that they are the part of our essence. At the same time, we became surrounded by a constantly increasing flow of information. These factors “helped” us to forget how to listen to ourselves and how to use our intuition. I bet that you have experienced lots of situations when you felt why is right to do but preferred to follow the reasoned path. The contemporary human would rather listen to the global network advice than to himself. A common experience is useful, but each particular case is unique. Degenerative goals are unlikely to be achieved. It is the way your brain works. Your subconscious primary task is not to allow you to hurt yourself.


But when you think about your goal and feel being light and calm, feel your whole being filled with happiness, your goal is generative. I call this “I see myself there”-state. It means that you know what you want and when you see yourself there, it feels good. It´s when both the future result and the path towards your goal feel good. The truth is that there are no future results. It´s rather the way you feel about yourself. If your mind and your body are ready for a change, you are already there, and it is only the matter of your determination how you reach your destination. How far would you go? Would you enjoy the moments that will appear on your way or just go straight ahead? Would you look around or just or see just one point?



How to set a generative goal?


It is really enjoyable to set up a generative goal. With these five steps, you can define global goals for monthly planning, for a year and even for several years.


1. Leave your usual environment


When you set a new goal, do it in a new place, that gives you positive emotions. You can go to a cafe where you've never been or take a walk in a park. Find a place that you do not associate with your familiar environment. That will help your brain to think out of the box. The thing is that your familiar environment is constant, and you are not. So, change of environment might help you to have a new view of how the things really are. New input always gives you a new opportunity to be creative.




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