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First of all, improvement of the quality of experience we have, and second, slowing the mind. The superfluous is filtered, and energy is not wasted.


Clear internal dialogue. It does not matter whether to write down thoughts on paper or to say them out loud. A good internal dialogue answers the question "What is going on right now?". These are the details of the occurring, viewed from different angles, that give a 3D and true picture. Clarity!


The whole sensory range matters: what you feel, sense, think, what images are being created in your head. If we clearly see what is going on, the next step becomes equally obvious. All you need that point is to stop and talk to yourself. And the answers will appear.


Accepting of experiences, feelings and the whole range of sensitivity. Here I mean the ability to stand all sorts of feelings and experiences, without running or turning away. We do not measure; it as good or bad. We just accept it as it is. Good or bad is a judgment of subjectivity. Admit and withstand! Not to think, whether it is good or bad for my personality! We train our sensibility as we train our heart muscles. We learn to distinguish its shades and give space to any of them.


CONSCIOUSNESS is the result of the combination of these three main parameters.


In fact, awareness is:

- focusing your attention on anything;

- describing what is going on in detail from different perspectives;

- it is quite enough to immerse in it. Adequacy is the fullness of experience. As soon as the experience has been lived completely, it just leaves.


In such a case, when we experience pain, we feel it sharper and more fully, but it does not lead us into a trap of suffering. It does not tighten up in a loop and passes faster. And so it happens to all the senses. Enlightened Shchynzen Young once said about it – the pain is sharper, but yet less disturbing. By the way, his last point is called balance, and the second one – clarity. The first is called in the same manner – concentration and focusing.


The whole experience of our life consists of pieces of undelivered emotional episodes. When we give them a place, they just pass through us, and we learn to withstand the reality of life as it is without getting stuck. In doing so, this way of living gives an amazing opportunity – we stop to identify ourselves with this experience. This means that more and more our self is starting to shift from hard personal boundaries to the new assembling points.


Indeed, when you go into any feeling, even acute pain, it starts to melt and flow. It just walks away, making room for another experience. This is the way the boundaries between "I" and the world become flexible as well.


The result is a long-awaited state of unity, the connectivity of one with another. In such conditions, actions and acts acquire greater coherence and harmony. They do not destroy reality, but rather improve it.


We feel, think, sense, experience, hear, see, remember, build conclusions. From these puzzles, the general picture of perception and identity is constructed. However, the more we let any experience flow through us, the brighter becomes the connection with the world and the unity.







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