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In other words, the experience of the clarity of the moment in unity.


The way your perception is shaped becomes obvious: the bunch of sensations, feelings, emotions, and thoughts that determine the current state and the motives of actions. And most important it becomes clear how the occurring is connected to other people, events, and the world in general.


ATTENTION! Knowing this, it is so easy to fall into the temptation to change the course of events by your own free will. Is it necessary? This is exactly the moment where the merit of unmanageable flow of events emerges. If you are experiencing the fullness of the moment, the events themselves point to the best solution. What remains is just to be and follow.


At this point, attention has already changed its position and left the rigid self. The boundaries between self and the world have melted and everything that is happening is experienced as a part of self. Conventionally, I can find itself at any point and look at the situation with sincere interest. Sincerity gives understanding, understanding gives acceptance, and acceptance gives love. Love is when I give space for everything and take care of its development.


I will sum up.


A year ago I thought that all the fore mentioned is just a special style of my work in psychotherapy, the result of my sensitivity and meditations. And it turned out that these are just the most common basic rules of growing up of our consciousness and Ego. And everybody goes through them. Someone does it sooner, someone later. It is the experience of the gradual expansion of one's consciousness and the "withdrawing" of the self from one's orbit to the neighboring ones until the unity is experienced.


Of course, everyone has a unique path and there is no need to be in hurry. Especially when it comes to elimination of identifying of self with other elements. Our protective mechanisms are not casual. It is also taught in different psychotherapy schools. They teach a person to hear and feel himself. First to identify your self, and then to expand your perception.


In spiritual practices, they mostly propose to go beyond the boundaries of the ego, to touch the state of unity. In ordinary life, this is called "clearly understand and feel what is happening to you and around you, to hear yourself, to live your life." Old people have maturity. You just let life with its purpose flow through you. You endure life because it is not invented by you.


I wish you all a pleasant enlightenment!


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