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I admire the peonies! These huge tight balls made of many petals - moist, silky, vivid exude a thin tart aroma. They attract, fascinate and draw in themselves so much that it is difficult to take my eyes off. Here it is pleasure! I feel how a warm wave of joy takes me over.

How wonderful is it to be me!


All the beauty of the world is pouring into me, I am flowing into it. The bottomless blue of the sky, the white clouds shining in the sun, the luxuriant riot of fresh greenery, the rustle of leaves, soughing, bird trills, peonies, irises, lilies - how beautiful this world is! And I am an integral part of it!


For a long time I did not realize that. I lived like everyone else: studied (school, institute, graduate school, internship), worked, had children, took care of my husband, created comfort for everyone, was ill, took care of the family, studied again, traveled and hurried, hurried, hurried.


All the time I constantly heard around me: "Life is a difficult thing", "Living a life is not just like to cross a field." It had been built into me by itself and seemed to be an axiom. And to tell the truth, how can it be different?


Recently I was invited to the radio. The beautiful young presenter asked the question: "Why do Russians have a pessimistic and negative outlook on life?" I think, because the most people in my beloved country have had life that is not easy.


However, now I understand that every event itself, whatever it is, is neutral. It is just a fact that happens in a life. We attach importance to it by ourselves.


I remember the difficult moments of my life. They all became turning. Where this turn leads depends on me.


My mom died unexpectedly, very quickly. She had cancer. I was 33 years old. And the sky seemed to fall to the ground. It was strange that life goes on as if nothing happened. She was my best friend. The first thought that occurred to me when something happened or I wanted to share some news was to call my mother. Then the pain was twisted: I would never hear her voice!


It helped me to realize that the loss of my mother contributed to the fact that I became independent; I learned to find support in myself. Before that, I completely depended on it. Love for my mother and gratitude to her live in my heart.

What a happiness is it to be me!


Two cases when I was just in a hair from death were a car accident and cancer. How much it taught me! From each of these situations I got out a different person. My understanding of the laws of life expanded and deepened. My consciousness increased. I learned to notice the warning signs that life always gives, but I missed them.

What a happiness is it to be me!


In my life, there were betrayals, envy, deception. I learned to forgive. I realized that I create everything by myself, I attract it to myself. Forgive others, forgive myself, release negative energies and no longer attract them. Starting the day, I let go possible stresses in advance and create for myself a space of love, where I spend the day.

What a happiness is it to be me!


I am learning to look at people, events, life through the eyes of the heart. Before that, I looked at everything with the eyes of the mind. The mind weighs, evaluates, judges, hangs labels, separates one from the other, "puts them on the shelves," calculates the benefits.


The heart looks through love. Love accepts, unites, forgives, releases, divides, heals, sympathizes, and embraces. Through the eyes of the heart, you see a completely different world!

What a happiness is it to be me!



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