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So the question is: "Do you consider yourself spiritual?" Yes, you, the one who is looking at this text right now? If your answer is positive, what do you know about spirituality and how exactly do you seize the meaning of it? What does spirituality mean to you and why do you need it?


Most people who are influenced by trends in the fashion industry believe that they are conscious, free and awake. In fact, it is easy to check it, by answering the questions below. Consider these questions as a simple test and do not delude yourself. Well before awakening becomes possible, it is important to put yourself at the level where you will realize that you live in the matrix and you are its slave so far.


Be honest while you explore your life and do not deceive yourself.


  • Are you able to stop following your mechanical and constantly repeating life patterns, if you want to?
  • Can you stop looking for pleasure and avoiding pain?
  • Do you have an addiction to a certain meal, exercise or entertainment?
  • Do you constantly judge, blame, or criticize yourself and others?
  • Does your mind continuously seek inducements or are you completely satisfied with mere silence?
  • Does it matter what people think about you?
  • Do you seek approval or encouragement?
  • Are you sabotaging certain situations in your life?

If at least the half of the answers are "no", then you are on the path of transformation and you are already awake. You can boldly go to and write about it! We are glad to meet you!


N.E.O.PERSON is ready to discover his own nature, he is ready to accept the fact that we live in illusion and create this illusion by ourselves. At the same time, while we create this illusion, we forget that it is us who create it and we start to accept it as reality. N.E.O.PERSON is a person who has embarked on the path of self-awareness, spiritual transformation, on the path that leads to awakening and conscious life.


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