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Rules of the universe


1. The Rule of Presence.

We live here and now. The past is gone because with each moment comes the present. The future has not come yet because it belongs to the next moment. We should not be tied to the past. It just pulls us back. On the other hand being too concerned about the future could make us anxious. So let us live in the present!



2. The Rule of Optimism.

Life goes on and time passes by while we complain about our lives. Be happy with what life has already given you and benefit from it: we can walk, see, hear and feel. Our life is here, in the real world. It is not in your TV, computer or your cell phone. Let us live in the reality then!



3. The Rule of the Mirror.

The interesting thing about the people which surround us is that they partially reflect our own personality. Sometimes we do not even notice this, but in a way, they are our mirrors. If someone hurts you, it is only because you let them do it. If someone deceives you over and over again, it means that you are too trusting a person. Let us treat people the way we would like them to treat us!



4. The Rule of the Choice.

Everything that happens to you in your life is nothing but the outcome of your own choice. You are the only reason for everything that happens to you. We are the writers and creators of our destiny. Let us live and create a beautiful and comfortable life!



5. The Rule of Correspondence

We should understand that we have as much as we deserve and "allow" ourselves to have. And this rule concerns all aspects of our lives: social and personal relationships, money, work, etc. It does not make any sense to blame a person for not loving us the way we want knowing that we do not love this person "up to the moon". We should also understand if we made a strong decision to change ourselves then we would see how people around us also change their behavior and attitude. Let us change for the better!



6. The Rule of Dependency.

It is our choice to help others no matter what. They do not owe us anything. We should remember that nobody owes us anything and the same goes for us. We also do not owe anyone anything. In order to be good, we have to be strong! Let us make the right choice!



7. The Rule of Mistake.

We are humans and we can make mistakes. Other people would not always think that what we do is right. No one is perfect and we have the right to make our mistakes. But it is important to see what we did wrong and fix it on time. Let us live consciously!




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