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It is natural for people to be constantly doubting, analyzing, comparing, drawing conclusions and opinionating. Therefore, it is so important to have tools and methods that help us in these tasks.


Today, several systems for measuring human potential and efficiency are being actively applied. They reflect our state in relation to the society, and also help to the elements of society to comprehend us. As an example I will provide a list, which is though incomplete and unfinished: Maslow Pyramid, Dilts Pyramid , D.I.S.C., NEO-PI-R, LMI, ICL, GPOP, SVF, GORDON, SDI, MBTI, Lencioni, Human Design, astrological forecasts, horoscopes and fortune-telling. All these methods measure our different states: from material satisfaction to the ability to resist stress. These tools do not just aid us in understanding where we are now in respect to the society, but also help us to realize what we can expect from our further development tomorrow, in a year, in 30 years. What is more, they also help us to organize our life in a steady manner, to harmonize our relations with people in a more balanced way.


Pyramid of Awareness by Contoret is a new tool that measures the category of Mindfulness. It is a new tool for measuring the spiritual parameters of a person.



Why has not such kind of instrument been used by now? Why do not we have any instrument in our arsenal that would measure Awareness?


The answer is very simple. The thing is that for the last 2000 years, our civilization was in the era of Pisces and the road of its development was orientated towards material values. The situation changed with the transition from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius on the refraction of the millennium. The new era brought a new direction and "all of a sudden" we all started talking about spirituality and directed the vector of our interests inward. Mass transformation of every single person occurs right before our eyes. We see this around us. This is a tangible activation of new human centers. Lots of people start to perceive life through the prism of spirituality, through energy flows, perceiving themselves, as an energetic, spiritual essence, living in the material world.


That's why new measuring instruments and methods come to light. We talk about spirituality, we want to understand and apply it in everyday life, in our daily practice. But how to measure spirituality, if it is like heaven: infinite and omnipresent? To begin with, you need to determine the category of spirituality, which in principle can be measured. I suggest starting with Mindfulness. Now it is pretty much often quite a bespoken category everywhere. Let's try to describe it, give it a shape, so that our brain will be able to imagine it. The shape of the Pyramid is the most suitable. We divide the pyramid into Levels of Consciousness and get a tool that describes and measures one of the facets of spirituality.


Pyramid of Awareness by Contoret is necessary also because it's just the time to measure your spirituality, your awareness in respect to society. It is also important to measure the spirituality and awareness of social elements around us: events, people, situations, etc. Together with those tools that are already in our arsenal, diagnostical methods along with the help of Pyramid of Awareness by Contoret helps us to realize ourselves in a more profound and reliable manner, to plan our life concerning its multifaceted nature, to create a strategic planning for our society, to regulate our relations with people in society more wisely: relationships with our family, friends, colleagues at work and even casual acquaintances. By realizing the details through Pyramid of Awareness by Contoret, we get a new foothold, the right angle of view. By looking from it, we can feel love towards people around us. Respect them, whatever they are. Accept them, such as they are and be able, by virtue of their abilities, to take care of people. Be a giver. Give them with joy and within your own means. Be a receiver. Accept what people can give you, be grateful for their care, to the extent that they can take care. In fact, how many of us can give or take? Pyramid of Awareness by Contoret shows that very well. It just determines the possibilities of everyone at the point of their spiritual development in which this particular person is at a certain moment of life.




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