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My personal strategy for making my human condition more livable, happier.


At the heart of my strategy for creating a happier and more viable baseline, is the idea of a conscious creation of my own reality. The key word here is awareness. The reality of each of us creates itself individually and without our conscious participation in this process. But this is not the way I'm talking about. My idea in a conscious approach to the process. Where responsibility for the result is taken before getting the result, and the goal is not reality, but the process of its creation. This approach, from my point of view, allows dynamic self-development and excludes the notion of guilt in principle. For me, these 2 elements are seen as key in the life moving forward.



How do you rewire the brain? What does the rewiring upgrades of?


Is it actually possible to reconfigure the brain? Yes, it is possible. The brain is also a software, so its reconfiguration is possible by replacing outdated programs and installations with more modern and necessary ones. The rate of obsolescence of the brain settings depends on the personal self-development of an individual, therefore, each determines the frequency of the need for reconfiguration.

So, is reconfiguration possible only in the case of a conscious approach? Not at all. Current reconfigurations occur automatically, without our attention to the process. We can be reconfigured by information from the radio, TV or friends. Life conditions, changes, meetings, situations and any other phenomena that build the life can also re-configure us. Any phenomenon brings information, and this is the reason for the update. It matters how much we can perceive information out-of-box. If so, the reconfiguration will take place automatically and painlessly. If not, then you need to connect the "manual mode".

Manual brain readjustment mode requires awareness. Firstly, in the phase of understanding that reconfiguration is needed, and, secondly, in its process. Conscious reconfiguration of the brain requires the connection to all 6 organs of perception: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste and intuition. Each of the tools is important in its own way and makes its own unique contribution to the quality and speed of changeover.

Reconfiguring the brain is the road to a new reality. Therefore, it is necessary to get down to business with the full responsibility of the owner, who is to live in a new house. The depth of the foundation, the thickness of the walls and the quality of materials are the factors on which depend what the new house will be built on - and this will be an updated reality, after reconfiguring the brain. 



My experience and example.


I started the experiments on reconfiguring my own statements and training the brain more than 25 years ago. I call it the years of exploration of the Field of Awareness. The results were different, but the trend and dynamics are undoubtedly positive.

The first tools for reconfiguring were affirmations. They come to me in rhymed form for a specific change of circumstances. I am able to create affirmations for other people, upon request. Later, individual affirmations turned into affirmation re-configurable programs up to 21 days long. On their basis several seminars and trainings in offline format were created.

The second tool was a 4-minute self-suggestive online program for concentration or relaxation: The project I Can Do was created 17 years ago by a team of creative researchers under my leadership.

Next was the project of a conscious change of reality, for which the set goals were intentionally “unrealistic” at that time. The project became maximally successful and was implemented in the Seychelles for 10 years. / /

In the same period apprentices started to reach out for me, these were the ones who needed help in reconfiguring their outdated programs. Successful implementation of several projects of this type has brought experience and understanding that now is the time to spread this experience in a broader way so that more people benefit from it.,


The key word in reconfiguring the brain and creating reality is balance. When I talk about balance, I mean balance in everything: starting from methods to the right speed. To preserve and keep the internal balance of the process itself is the basis and goal of the conscious creation of its own reality.


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