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The contradictions between the scientific conservative approach to the creation and reality in our daily life is constantly increasing with a sense of approach to the "boiling point". We are confronted with the spiritual manifestation of life in everyday practice. We no longer adopt this spirituality to our life from books, but rather draw it from our own life experience. In this paper I am talking about the festered and clearly manifested contradiction of the scientific approach adopted by our society and the real experience of life, which is often leading us to a deeper understanding of the spirituality of being more and more.


It’s not that we just want, it’s rather that we are forced to talk about the afore-mentioned contradiction, because this contradiction starts to manifest itself as a slowdown of creative life processes. Each of us feels it within the scope of his personal life. This can be also traced to the family living standards. This contradiction can be observed at the level of development of state relations and, in general, at the level of global planetary development. Such topics as global pollution of the planet, artificial intelligence, flights to other planets and life on them, and finally, a quantum computer are all interconnected in the above-mentioned contradiction. Speaking on the topic of Science and Spirituality is not a mere reflection on the future, it is an actual necessity, that is coming out of the facts and experiences of yesterday. We need to find a way out and solve the contradictions between modern conservative science and the real spiritual life that we live daily.


To make my idea about the contradictions within modern science clear, I will trace a parallel with one of the sciences. Let´s take physics. There is a classical science and classical physics, as its representative, on the one hand. On the other hand, there is the quantum physics, as a representative of the science of new generation. Both of them will help me to identify the contradictory and I will express my point of view and draw analogies, present facts and then come up with a solution on the basis of them as an example.




Photo by: Artem Bali


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