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Spiritual teachers, yoga and meditation practices that I studied or trained.

I was lucky to meet with various spiritual teachings in one way or another. Undoubtedly, contact with a spiritual teacher is greatly enhanced if you visit his ashram or spiritual center. I am grateful that life has given and continues to give me the opportunity to meet with the adepts of our planet on the physical and non-physical level, to receive help from them and to rely on their teachings in the practice of researching Awareness, as a category of human’s spiritual maturity.



Ashrams and spiritual centers that I visited and where I meditated:


  1. Sri Ravi Shankar Ashram in Bangalore. It was a short but remarkable visit with meditation and breathing practice using Ravi Shankar’s yoga technique.

  2. Sri Aurobindo's ashram in Puducherry. The founder of Integral Yoga and his comrade Mother, with her teachings, seriously affected my movement along the path of self-knowledge. In the ashram, I was literally pursued by insights and deep transformational experiences, that were coming to me one by one.

  3. Ashram of Sathya Sai Baba in Puttaparthi. Here I spent a few days alternating darshan, meditations, singing badzhin and self-exploration.

  4. The Theosophical Center of Helena Blavatsky in Madras. The teachings of Blavatsky and her followers Anna Bezant seriously influenced my worldview on the general scale. The magnitude of Blavatsky’s teaching got manifested in the creation and life of its center in Madras, its idea of the unity of all religions and the real practice of this unity within the Madras center, made me even more sure in the reality of the ideas that have been coming to me by the method of quantum creativity for more than 30 years and lie at the core of my research work on the field of awareness.

  5. I was lucky to visit Auroville 2 times with an interval of 10 years. Both visits were momentous for me. The first visit coincided with the first meditation, the second with getting aware of the earthly journey traveled over 10 years.



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