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Society, as a motivator, helps leader on the path towards activation. Support from the outside is aimed to guarantee a set of knowledge, the information flow. The motivator gives information. The leader processes it inside of him and the produced elixir gradually brings the leader to the process of self-activation.

It is important to understand that no one has canceled the management! It is extremely fundamental for a modern leader to have a certain set of professional and social skills. One needs to have an experience and knowledge and to realize the leadership destiny. The leader who faces issues of state or international scale, cannot carry out the leader's mission without being an educated, professional, erudite and intellectual person. It is impossible.


A talented leader with good management education - this is the example of N.E.O.LEADER.


It seems that there is an evident contradiction. On the one hand, modern society needs a talented and spiritually awakened leader. On the other hand, this leader needs to have a set of professional management skills, the acquisition of which is associated with the "noise" of the information flow. Therefore, we need a compromise solution. Without luggage of practical professional skills, the activation process will be impossible, insufficient, not ready for completion. The activation process itself is based on a certain level of development of the leader as a person, as an individual. The activation process, started at the correct point and driven in the right direction, leads to the desired result. The leader begins to feel like a leader. He begins to understand clearly and from within his task and see the way towards its achievement.


We need a compromise solution. It is not necessary to break or destroy already existing schools of leadership. It is good for preparing excellent managers. But at the same time, we need the programs for N.E.O.LEADERS that will be completely innovative by their essence. Schools that will take care of the spiritual side of leadership talent, focused on the pursuit and development of this talent, using the most progressive methods and technologies. The future of the leader is in the balanced cooperation of the traditional leadership school and new leaders activation programs.


The process of acquiring of all external management skills is associated with an intense information flow in the matrix area of a materially motivated leader, and thus generates lots of "noise". This makes it difficult to reach the balance with your inner self. Therefore, the process of activating a leader is no longer a process of learning. On the contrary, this is rather a process when a leader simultaneously accumulates professional skills in his luggage and develops erudition; at the same time, he consciously gets engaged in spiritual practices and physical training aimed at revealing -his talent and potential. This is an integral part of the activation process.


Why do we care? Because N.E.O.PEOPLE do not want to sail to their future on a ship controlled by a blind and deaf captain who does not have any working navigation. For a successful and happy tomorrow, we need clear goals and bright paths. Only talented professionals can really see them and lead. N.E.O.LEADERS can.



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