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On July 22, the leaders of the two international movements met in Prague. Upon the invitation of the N.E.O.PEOPLE International Movement, Professor Amit Goswami, leader of the Quantum Activists movement, arrived at Prague with a visit.




Dr. Amit Goswami is an Honored Professor at the Department of Theoretical Physics at the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, where he worked since 1968. He is the pioneer of a new scientific paradigm called «science within consciousness». Goswami is the author of  «Quantum Mechanics», a very popular manual used by many universities around the world. His two-volume popular science book «The Physicist's View of Nature» traces the decline and re-opening of the idea of God in science. Also, Goswami wrote many popular books based on his research in quantum physics and consciousness: «The Self-Aware Universe», «The Visionary Window», «Physics of the Soul», «Quantum Creativity», «The Quantum Doctor». In his last book «God is Not Dead» he examines what quantum physics says about our roots, and how we should live. Goswami is practicing spirituality and transformation, he was featured in such movies as «What the Bleep Do We Know», «The Dalai Lama Renaissance» and «The Quantum Activist» documentary. 




Also, Amit Goswami is an exceptionally pleasant interlocutor and a friendly person. Meeting with him was really a holiday!


I, as the leader of the N.E.O.PEOPLE movement, was happy and extremely grateful to the fortune of holding this meeting. Indeed our two movements are based on the same philosophy. It is the philosophy of transformation to awareness. As a result of the meeting in Prague, we found a number of points of contact with this philosophy and saw real opportunities for cooperation.


First and foremost, this is a matter of educating the leaders of a new generation - N.E.O. Leaders. This topic is specifically featured in the movement of Quantum Activists. We agreed with Dr. Goswami that it is necessary to educate the leaders of the new generation: with new awareness, Eco thinking and an open hearts. Nowadays, this is a number one issue and a global task of all the humanity.


The next question is where do the N.E.O.PEOPLE movement and the Movement of Quantum Activists closely intersect. It is the issue of the practical application of the theory of human consciousness transformation to life. We talk about practice through new methods and methods that are comprehensible to the younger generation. It is it that carries the main burden of mass transformation of awareness in the 21st century.


The meeting was private. It was attended only by those who are interested in the theme of Awareness, Transformation, and Quantum Activism. People who are themselves NEOs: they find themselves at a new level of consciousness, they have a tendency to ECO thinking and an open heart. The meeting was not only warm but extremely productive and positive and brought in many insights.


I want to share some of them with you:

   1.  Quantum physics is the first science that officially speaks about the presence of the Creator in the whole project called «Life on our planet».

     2. In the 21st century the main condition for the productive moving forward is not an official university title or degree, but an open heart.

    3. The process of spiritual transformation in the modern world is notably different from the same process 100, 200 or 300 years ago. The rules of the game have changed. Innovations are needed, and they will not keep themselves waiting.

 4.  The so-called world crisis concerns all aspects of society: political, economic, and moral crises. Everything happens simultaneously and, in fact, is braided into a single stream, which should not be called a crisis at all. These are rather global changes. They were expected, they are occurring right now and will be successfully realized within the framework of the transformation of the consciousness of our planet.

    5. Educational systems on the whole planet are undergoing changes. This is a natural process. You need to be more active with everyone who can bring a new, fresh «wind» in this field. We need people who are creative and think big, who can create and implement new methods and algorithms for transferring information to different levels of human awareness.



The meeting ended not only with a photo session and warm embraces, but, at the first place, with the realization that there will be next meetings because our two movements have so much in common and we are moving in one direction!














































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