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3. The root of my problems is a job that I hate. I am worth to do what I really love and everything will be fine.


Once you make your hobby your job - you will stop loving it. First, it will turn into a routine and then, God forbid that, into the same hated work.


Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a hobby and a job?


Hobbies are what you do for yourself, without obligations to other people.


Work is a commitment and a time frame.


You can sew teddy bears when you want. And bail on it when you are not in the mood for doing it.


But as soon as you promised the customer to sew a bear by Tuesday, you can not bail on it anymore. Otherwise, this will be the end of your work.


And when this bear becomes a hundred thousandth same bear, you will hate these bears just as you now hate account assignment, supporting documents and your idiot-boss.


The conclusion is very simple - enjoy making teddy bears but do not make them your work, let them remain a hobby.


And what about work?


The most obvious answer is to find sense in it.


Develop and improve what makes sense for you. If you work on something annoying - delegate, minimize and automatize as much as possible!


It is not as difficult as it seems. Maybe you are a brilliant accountant and the team and team-manager appreciate you much. Maybe you are not sick and tired of the work in general, but rather of some aspects of it? Maybe if you change the format of your duties, working day and other details, you will enjoy your work again?


I might be wrong, but it seems to me that it's better to be a very good accountant than a super-mediocre photographer.


Read the book "Leader without title," it might help you to look at your work in a different way.


Today is January 2, 2018.


Give up a search of a hugge and start working. Just right now. Forget about vacations, they are for lazy people.


A philosopher once said: "Love your work and you will not have a single working day". Is not he right?


Anticipating the hail of rotten tomatoes and eggs, let me explain why do I think that I have the right to write this post.


I write having breakfast in a 4 **** hotel restaurant in the center of Hanoi, Vietnam. The room here costs about 100 euros per night. Behind the wall, I can hear construction works. At night from December 31 to January 1, builders brought the concrete mixer to the site and began pouring concrete. Because of their noise, I woke up at 4 am , about an hour after I fell asleep, celebrating the New Year.


At the reception desk, they threw their hands up, they could not do anything. In Vietnam, there is no law that will forbid them to do construction works whenever they want.


In 2017 I visited 18 countries. In 2016 - 14. Among these countries were all those that I mentioned, including all countries in Asia.


And the last.

When I was little, I wanted to become a writer.

I graduated from the journalism faculty and became a professional journalist.


But now I work as the head of the office in consulting company. I love my job, although I have passed through a very complex circle of discoveries in order to realize this fact.


From time to time I write, although no one asks me to do it. I write something like these notes that you are reading. It's a hobby, and I perfectly understand that I'm not Hemingway.


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