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”Innovate for the right reasons — money is not one of them.”


If you ask me how old am it will take me a few seconds to answer. Every time I'm asked this question, it takes me a while to remember, and I am only 23! The thing is that I live my life from event to event and from achievement to achievement. Luckily most of the people of my generation do so as well. The world is changing quicker. Everything is more accessible now. It is becoming more clear foe everybody that you can do whatever you want. Later on, it is just the matter of choices. Sounds quite cool but it has certain consequences that I have been observing both in my personal experience and environment. Accessibility of everything basically divide people to two major groups, according to their innate nature. In the 21st century we have the Great Doers and the Great Spectators. (Some can call them the contemplative ones).


What are the first things that come to your mind when you hear the word "spectator"? When I hear it, I imagine a passive person, one-dimensional character, whose way to success lays through stability. Let´s see if this image from my head corresponds to reality. Being a Great Spectator does not mean to live in one-dimensional world at all. It involves a great capacity to observe. Great spectators are patient. Each of them is talented and has a great potential of growth. Here comes the tricky part.


Great spectators leave all this great potential to rest in the box of possibilities. In their lives, everything is possible, potentially. For good or for bad, I'm not here to judge. At this moment, let's turn our heads to the Great doers. They have access to more information and more resources (as the Great Spectators do, as well). What is more, in digital era it is much easier to cooperate without boundaries. Have you ever imagined, that one day ,literally, all the world will be able to knock at your door. And YOU will be able to do the same. Simply by being slightly more cooperative, you can make a big change happen. So, the great Doers of the 21st century know how important is it to grow their talent and to share it with others.


We share because we know that there are no obstacles to do whatever you want! If there are obstacles, we easily overcome them. We can cope with the limits on various levels:


1. We know what we want. There is a clear conscious desire to make the things work.


2. We know we are free. I'd not say that we are free from something. I'd rather say we are free to do something. As the world is becoming more transparent, we can clearly see that all the limits and boundaries exist only in our head. We have broadened our horizon and now we can see more. And how many people have felt peace, tranquility and contemplation just by looking at the horizon?


3. We know what we want and we just do it. Why has it become easier to achieve aims and overcome obstacles? Because it has become easier to connect people, their minds and hearts. What one could not do, can be achieved by two. The power is multiplied and if the direction of intentions coincide, we'll have a tiny collision of stars with the birth of supernova. The supernovas that will grow from actual stars. A fourteen year-old kid, who invented a low-cost Braille printers to help the visually impaired, a fifteen year-old teenager who invented a search engine that generates donations. They share their knowledge, energy and talent to improve their world.


The generation 16 + is a generation of the Great Doers and the Great Spectators. The ones, who go with the flow and the ones who go with the ride a wave.


What do YOU think about the actual generation of 16+? Feel free to share your opinions and observations.


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