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Fitness, as well as fashion, has its trends which are extremely popular at the moment. What is going to be trendy in the next year?



You would not need much to start working out. Just go out on the street or in a park, find a comfortable spot and there you go. In case the weather outside is not suitable for training then you can try to find gymnastic equipment such as beams or bars in a park or gym nearby. The amazing thing about the street workout is that it helps to change not only our habits but the whole life as well.


Martial Arts

Now martial arts are at the height of their popularity. More and more people practice boxing, aikido, jiu-Jitsu lessons as well as other martial arts. Conor McGregor is a well-known successful mixed martial artist and a professional boxer whose career has inspired many young people to follow his lead. The leading full-contact martial arts are boxing, kickboxing, Tai boxing and others.


High-intensity Training (HIT) and Bodyweight Exercises

We are living in the age when being healthy is not enough. Strength and power – that is what we want! And it is, of course, understandable, since intense training has been proven to be extremely successful. Interval training involves a series of short intensive exercise following by low-intensity recovery periods, and they do pay off. So if your goal is to lose weight, strengthen your muscles or kickstart your metabolism, then interval training is just what you need.

High-intensity bodyweight training is very convenient and does not cost much. The good thing about the HIT is that you would not need tons of expensive fitness equipment. Nevertheless, these exercises are so intensive and fast-paced that they torch loads of calories and are proven to be effective.



You would not find a person in the 21st century who has not heard about this physical and spiritual practice which originates from India. For Yoga practice, you also do not need much equipment; a yoga mat would be enough. You can find Yoga classes almost at every fitness studio or gym.

Among the trendiest Yoga types are Couple Yoga (Partner Yoga) and AcroJoga which help to improve concentration and balance. After gaining enough experience, some prefer to extend their basic Yoga practice by adding new exercises to their routine.


Food and Water Tracking

Nobody would deny that workout is important, but focusing on healthy dieting and sleep is even more beneficial. The days when you had to track your calories, water, exercise routine by writing them down are long gone. Nowadays, there so many food and water tracking gadgets and apps available on the market that everyone can start living healthier.



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