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healthy lifestyle trends 2018


It is delightful to see how increasingly more and more people want to live healthier these days. But, as they say, any coin has two sides: there is a whole lot of hype about Healthy Life Style (HLS) which sometimes is just unreasonable.

It is important not to forget about moderation and the need to maintain balance in everything we do and decide. Following all the trends is not necessary nor adequate, but we hope that finding out about new HLS trends can be both interesting and useful for you.



Perfectionism is starting to get old and out of fashion, well, even the beauty is imperfect. A new trend for a conscious and healthy life is to enjoy the moment, to rejoice in simple things, to be thankful for what you have. Fewer people opt for the pursuit of success at the cost of health and inner satisfaction. A healthy diet should not be a source of stress either. If you occasionally relax and indulge in something which is not super healthy do not criticize yourself too much. No one is perfect, and that is what makes us who we are, and perhaps, a bit happier.


Lunar cycles

This trend is a very feminine one. Recently, many psychologists, astrologers and even nutritionists started paying attention to lunar cycles and encouraging women to do so. The time between the full moon and the new moon is ideal for completing things and getting rid of the things you do not need anymore. After the new moon, it is good to start new projects, make big purchases, starting a detoxing diet or initiating larger changes in life. Astrologers are now in high demand, so the most important is to find a trustworthy specialist.


Stand-up Work

It is worth mentioning that seating is considered to be the "new smoking" and viewed as a bad habit in general. That is why height-adjustable desks for stand-up work are getting more and more popular. Manufacturers of exercising machines take an active part in developing and selling home bikes, elliptical training devices and treadmills adjusted with a laptop tray or a small work desk. No need to stop working, just keep moving at it.


Sleep Gadgets

Sleep gadgets include thermostats that regulate the temperature in the bedroom, humidifiers and air purifiers, sounds of nature and white noise devices, biorhythm bracelets that read phases of your sleep, monitor pulse and even breathing. Healthy wake-up alarm clocks as well as electric dawn alarms are getting extremely popular, promising the people a smoother exit from their beauty sleep.


Brain Boosters

Meditation, sport, and a healthy diet are safe ways to boost brain activity. However, since more and more people try to improve their brain activity levels with different medications, we are likely to see a boom in the brainpower-boosting substances. L-Theanine, Phenethylamine, Piracetam, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and chewing coffee beans belong to the most popular brain stimulators. Some of the Nootropics (also called "smart drugs") have side effects and can even cause addiction. That is why one should be careful when taking them.



…. And naturally here comes the food topic.


Superfood powders, ready-to-drink soups, spices, petals, mushrooms and many others...

Superfoods enrich food and drinks with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other useful microelements.

It is much more convenient to drink a soup from a glass than to eat it from a plate. The soups are full of fiber, they are very nourishing, and also presents a perfect snack solution for those who are always in a hurry and often eat on the run.


Spices are used to prevent many diseases, to reduce inflammatory processes in the body, to preserve youth and beauty. Their benefits are known and proven for decades.

Flower petals are now often used as an ingredient in salads, snacks, and cocktails. Those who are trying to live healthy started to include Chinese mushrooms such as reishi mushroom in their diet.

The Flexitarian diet is also gaining popularity. This diet, also called semi-vegetarianism, is based on vegetable products (vegetables, cereals, legumes), but meat can be consumed from time to time as well. Most nutritionists agree on the fact that meat should not be consumed often, but eating it 2-3 times a week would not hurt either.

It is certainly up to every one of us to choose a proper meal plan. Eating healthy has unquestionable benefits over junk food. But if you find yourself running around town in a hunt for a perfect Chinese mushroom to complement your 6 am green smoothie, you may want to reconsider if your obsession with healthy dieting has not grown into a mushroom cloud.


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