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If you are suddenly overwhelmed by a bad mood, call to your mind that a smile is the best remedy to help you improve your condition. Even if you force yourself to smile at anyone, you will most likely be rewarded by a smile back because a smile is contagious and is often reciprocated. It tends to spread a joyful and sunny mood around. Make others happy, even if it is only for a minute. Here are some more reasons to smile often:


  1. A smile does not demand a high energy output

When we cry or frown, we involve many muscles and spend way too much energy. It is easier to smile than to frown!


  1. A smile is stress-releasing

You can defeat every melancholy with your optimism and love for life. Learn to laugh in the face of misfortunes! Remember that a smile encourages your body to produce endorphines, the hormone responsible for happiness. People who are really happy do not know what sadness and despair is.


  1. A smile enhances your immune system

Even if you force yourself to smile, you will make yourself feel better. I would go even further: a smile empowers your mental and physical health for a simple reason that if a person smiles, his/her body is sufficiently relaxed, which is extremely beneficial for the body and soul.


  1. Everybody can smile

We come to this world capable of smiling. You can see the smile on the faces of newborn babies. Scientists have proven that babies start smiling consciously at the age of 4-6 weeks, however unconscious smiles among newborns start occurring much earlier, specifically during the first night after birth.


  1. A smile makes people more attractive

Scientists have long proven that men tend to consider girls and women who smile attractive. And it does not matter whether they wear makeup or not.


Corporations go so far in order to encourage people to smile that they install machines that give away products in return for a smile. The Sapient Corporation specializes in the production of beverages and ice-cream slot machines. They started production of a new device called Share Happy. It distributes ice-cream absolutely for free, but in order to get your free ice-cream you need to show a sincere smile. This machine was produced based on a special order by Unilever in the framework of the Cannes Lions International Festival. The principle of this initiative is very simple – people need to come to the machine and smile at the built-in camera. On top of it, the smile should be naturally positive in the best possible manner. The fact is that among all the facial expressions the smile is the easiest one to distinguish. Your origin or language do not matter. A smile is so universal that it is well understood worldwide. If you smile, you show your good mood and positive attitude towards the people around you.


So spread the good mood, share it with people and give it to yourself as a pleasant and healthy gift!


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